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The Devil’s Chase

I’ve never been a huge Halloween fan, which is strange, because I’m like a big kid when it comes to the holidays.  In my twenties, the idea of going to a crowded bar and paying a cover charge didn’t appeal to me, and now that I’m an old married lady in my thirties, I’m more a fan of low-key get togethers than raging parties.  This year was an exception to that rule, but I digress.  Let’s just say I have now experienced one of my friend Mia’s epic Halloween parties, I will never be the same, and leave it at that.


Really cool medal and bib.  I didn’t realize this race had a medal, always a nice surprise to get some bling when you aren’t expecting it!


This year was the first Halloween that I was running in a Halloween race, and I was actually kind of excited to come up with a costume.  It had to be something that was easy to run in, couldn’t have long sleeves since I am a SWEATY runner, and no face paint for the same reason.  I signed up for the Devil’s Chase 6.66 miler in Salem, and that distance is nothing to sneeze at.  I didn’t want to be holding anything, or have anything too bulky that would be uncomfortable for an hour and 15(ish) minute run, so that limited my options.  There would be no repeat of my all-time favorite Halloween costume, the 90’s yearbook picture, as the thought of running almost 7 miles with posterboard strapped to my back was less than appealing.  I’m a slow enough runner as it is, I don’t need what would essentially be a parachute behind me!


Stumped for ideas, I did what any suburban professional in their thirties would do; turn to Pinterest.

In addition to being limited by needing my costume to be running-friendly, I’m also limited by not having a creative bone in my body.  The costume needed to be DIY, easy to make, and comfortable to run in.  I came up with one of my all-time favorite characters, Cookie Monster.  And Joe, aka Athletic Supporter Extraordinaire,  even played along with my reindeer games and ordered a cookie costume.


Cookie Monster & Cookie

The costume worked perfectly — I was comfortable, and didn’t feel like I was wearing a costume.  It was a fun race, filled with familiar faces, and beautiful scenery.  I was able to hang out with my running buddy Stacey, my running and Bruins buddy Ray, and some of the awesome Slumbrew Happy Soles.


Running & Support Crew — Cookie, Cookie Monster, Devil Trump, and Cat Burglar

As for the running itself, I felt really good.  I’m finding that my strongest miles tend to be between 2 and 6; it takes me a little bit to get going, but once I’m in the groove I can get 5 – 6 really strong miles before I start to feel any fatigue.  It was a pretty course; along the water, through historical downtown Salem, and into some residential areas.  There were a lot of families out on their porches cheering on the runners with coffee and treats, which made an otherwise sparsely supported route a lot more fun.  I ran a strong race, hitting a 10k PR en route to a 6.66 mile PR.  One of the best things about running new/unusual distances?  Automatic PR!


Bummed that my Garmin was off by 0.02 — wanted to see the 6.66 on there!

The after party featured food from local restaurants,  a DJ, and prizes for the best costumes.  No beer (boooo), but I guess considering the race was done by 9:30 AM, that’s not the worst thing in the world.  Overall, it was a really fun race, and one that I’d definitely do again.


A portion of the Devil’s Chase Slumbrew Happy Soles crew, the best running group around!


Running related or not — what were some of your favorite Halloween costumes?

2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Chase

  1. I was at that race too! And I actually took a photo of the guy with red wing feathers. I love your cookie monster costume. It was cute.

    Devil’s Chase was such a fun race. I’m super glad that I was able to do it.


    1. Glad you made it up to run it. I just read your recap, great job — you’ll have to come back next year!

      He made that costume…the best part was it had retractable sleeves (zippers) in case he got too hot. Waaaaaay more high tech than I could ever be!


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