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Gentle(wo)men, Start Your Engines!

Well, it’s finally here.  I can officially say I’m in training for the Boston Marathon.

Holy shit, you guys.

That statement might be right up there with “Nah, I’ll pass on those mashed potatoes” with things that I never thought I’d say.

I got my training plan from my team’s running coaches before Thanksgiving, and with training scheduled to start on December 5, finally sat down to take a look at the madness after the holiday (and plenty of mashed potatoes).  As someone that has been a regular exerciser, I wasn’t worried about being held to a schedule.  I’m a devoted group exercise class attendee, so if anything, was worried about how to fit in my runs around the classes that I love going to.  I knew that I’d have to “let go” of some of the classes that have become regulars for me, but I didn’t want to completely cut that out of my routine.  The training plan called for 3 – 4 runs per week; given I have never been someone that runs more than twice a week, I decided to go with 3 runs/week, filling in with some of the cross-training that I’ve come to love.  In general, my schedule looks like:

MONDAY: mid-distance run and yoga (optional)

TUESDAY: cross train (spin class)

WEDNESDAY: short-distance run and yoga

THURSDAY: cross train (spin class)

FRIDAY: rest day (stretching) OR core work/arms

SATURDAY: long run

SUNDAY: rest day (stretching) OR core work/arms

Once I got through the schedule and mapped everything out, I was confident in this plan and felt like it was a good mix of running and cross training.  I’ve been a fan of yoga and spin for quite some time, so I was pretty bummed thinking that it might be put on hold for the duration of training.  I’m a BIG creature of habit, and love having a predictable schedule.  My Tuesday/Thursday spin classes, along with my Wednesday yoga class, have been mainstays in my routine for quite some time and I was thrilled to see they could still fit in.  I did have to give up a Saturday spin class and my Wednesday night boot-camp style class (more on that later this week), so training will still be more running focused than I’m used to.  As the mileage increases in the meat of the schedule, I will most likely cut a cross-training day and add in a rest day.  I am going to try VERY HARD to listen to my body during this training cycle, which is something new for me.  As a Type A, if Tuesday is spin day then I was at spin, regardless of how I was feeling.  That isn’t going to work for an undertaking like training for a marathon — eyes on the prize, and that prize is being healthy and trained for April 17!

I’m also going to need to put my training first, even if it means missing out on some fun stuff.  For some bigger events (the big fundraising party on 2/17, and a Green Day concert, for example), I’ll shuffle things around so I can get in my long runs and still enjoy myself.  But being home, in bed early, rested, and hangover-free is going to be my number one priority for nights prior to run days.  So, again — thanks to all of my friends and family for your patience and understanding over the next few months!

Now that training has started, you guys* can expect more regular updates from me.  I’m hoping to update once a week with how that week’s training has gone, and once a week with some random thoughts about my training and the process.  So, sign up to follow, and join me on this absolutely insane journey I’m starting!

*You guys may 100% mean just myself as I re-read this blog after the marathon! Hello!  Is this thing on?!


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